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Who would build a ship, load it with precious cargo,

name it something super sentimental, then lay out on

the deck as their newly hired boat hand sinks the

entire operation?


No one!


Well, that is exactly what you are doing as the captain

of your business with every single bad hire, you let

into your company.


A bad hire is like a bull in a China shop, breaking

everything in their path. They will put a dark cloud

over your operations, clients, staff, revenue, and your

progression forward. You will find yourself trying to

stop the bleeding and begging for mercy.


If not dealt with or if worse, you continue these bad

habits in the hiring process you will find yourself

resenting your dream.


That is the DEATH of an Entrepreneur.


Running back to a 9-5 with your tail tucked between

your legs craving the mundane water cooler gossip.

This mini but mighty book is here to function as a usable

guide every time you are executing the hiring process

in your company.



Whether this is the very first hire you are ever

making, or you have been running around the

mountain of "hire and fire" for years, let this book act as a referee on candidate B.S.


Hiring slowly and firing quickly is not a business



It is a rule of success.


If you want to get to success faster, while you help

save other people's feelings from the firing process

then read, study, and use this book accordingly.

7 Deadly Mistakes of Hiring

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