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Death Is Selfish

I have found in my life that the grave has a lot of stuff that belongs to the living. Death is the biggest thief known to man but yet we befriend and coddle it as a society. We play with death in our everyday lives with unhealthy habits and actions. We deny death's existence with our lack of urgency of execution. We secretly egg it on with self sabotaging behaviors and ignore the hints to stop before it is too late.

We all know death is imminent, but we ignore it. We wake up and go to bed with the same habits. We don't contemplate on how our death may hurt others around us or rob them of something we have to give. We act as if we have another chance after today and so selfishly procrastinate on living out our talents and gifts because we think there is time. We counter what we should be doing with self indulging habits and some of us secretly wish death to speed along because we are tired of being held accountable to make something out of life.

Death is selfish. When people die, they take their purpose, gifts, talents, lessons, wisdom, and reach with them. Only when someone has truly made the most of their life does their legacy continue on Earth through the echo of their works. Some people are born to very unfortunate circumstances and have been given a limited life span but can seemingly reach hundreds of thousands of people, while others can be given a perfectly healthy life and only influence a handful although they live well into their middle and elder ages.

Our life is a gift. Some open the gift right away and share what they were given, and others hold onto it saving it for a rainy day that never comes.

It is a privilege to be alive and we all have talents that are our responsibility. We all are assigned tools that are to impact select people. We all are given something that can magnify itself 100 fold. Some just choose to not use it, while others carry their tools with them day by day.

I'm sure each one of us knows of at least one person who has died a senseless death, an early death, or a death that left us saying "But they had so much to give". The grave is selfish. With the last breath went all of the difference that person could of, would of, should of made. We have to stop being irresponsible with who we are. Death is coming for us, and we should do all we can to make sure that we are unloading our purpose into the world. When you pass on people hurt, but when you pass on with a bunch of unused potential, people are crushed.

Unused potential can bury a person. When we are born we come loaded with gifts to give. If we don't use those gifts they begin to weigh us down. It is called feeling insignificant. No one knows what you have to share with the world because you don't extend your efforts. As you start to feel like you no longer matter you begin to drown in defeat and self destruct. They say the best way to get more is to give. If you feel a little less than important give something away from your internal bank of influence.

Let me put this in an example that maybe many can understand.

If you ever become a very well off rich person with multi-millions in your portfolio, you will need to find some charities or non profits to give money to so that you can get a tax break and stay rich. If you do not give large multiple charitable contributions you are at risk for being taxed so badly that you almost end up with nothing.

So basically, you start off average and you grow to become rich. If you do not share those riches with others who need them, you will be taxed so heavily you will return back to average. Life follows the same principle.

If you do nothing with your unique abilities you will frivolously spend your internal wealth on things that do not bring you a return and actually drain your life verses prolong it.

Stop allowing the grave to rob us as a human race.

Do your part to make sure that you are living your purpose, unleashing your gifts, so that when you die people will be at peace knowing that the grave has no victory.

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