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That They may See Your Good Works

Let Your Light Shine Before Men


Where It All Started

Power BAR Women's Fitness was created from the Number ONE Business Rule -

Business is two things: Innovation and Marketing

Peter Drucker

Through Digital Marketing Power BAR Women's Fitness - founded with NO Investors, Minimal Capital, One Person and NO Partners was able to GROW to a Quarter of a Million Dollars in REVENUE within 2 YEARS!!

The Message is SIMPLE.




Study To Show Yourself Approved

Would you drive a car without first learning about it's functions? Would you try to cook without understanding how to do so without burning down the place? Then why go into business and sacrifice time and money without studying the things that can make a business successful!

Tee's Recent Written Work - "100 Commandments for the Millennial Entrepreneur" will be an ongoing guide to you as a GROWING Business owner. no matter what field you are in.

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